Simple Steps to Start Living a Positive Life

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Lifestyle, Social Media

Each one of us continues with our patterns of life in the hopes of possibilities and opportunities. Each day goes by, yet what defines it for us as a good day or a bad one is our thoughts. We may notice how little thoughts of goodness sparkle the entire day and how a rough beginning to a day spoils it entirely. Well, living a positive life is a choice. And, it goes without saying, there always are hurdles and challenges that we may or may not confront. Let’s explore how we can choose to start living a positive life:

1) Count your blessings and be grateful:

girl writing

Gratitude is the jewel of a content heart. Being grateful means you accept life in all its colors and shades. It means you leave room for things to go wrong and learn from them. When you count what you have, you tell yourself of everything you’re blessed to have in life. At the same time, you remind yourself how life has been rewarding you with its gifts. You tend to complain less and that defeats the negatives of not having more.

2) Pause, reflect and write:

Pausing each day for some minutes and reflecting on your life is a joy. You assess your growth as a person. You sense what makes you, YOU. Yet, you figure out what strengthens and weakens you. On top of it, writing this for yourself is allowing yourself to not rush into the rhythm of life. These pauses indicate what really matters in the bigger plans of life.

3)  Be there for yourself, be there for others:

Well, life as an individual and life as someone sharing spaces with others is equally beautiful. Be there for yourself; attend to yourself, yet land a hand, a shoulder, a word. Sometimes even offering silence works like magic. Hold space for others and their issues, needs, and happiness. Listen. Wait. Help, if need be. This will impact how you perceive yourself too.

4) Read what you like, how you like:

girl reading

Reading books is a booster. There are all kinds of books and comics. You can choose what you aspire to in your mind. This will enhance your capacity to perceive goodness, while motivating you to do good too. Reading relaxes your brain too. What else do you seek?

5) Give time to sports, games and fun:

Playing games releases your stress quite a lot. You feel energetic, in-fact, rejuvenated. Negative thoughts vanish as you shift your attention to being more active physically. Surrounded by people and the joy of playing, you feel optimistic towards life. Getting back to work feels less burdensome, at least achievable.

Well, as many are the people, as many are the ways to choose the way of life. What do you choose as we at VA Talks aspire to be the best for you?

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