How to Find the Perfect Virtual Assistant

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Virtual Assistance

How to Find the Perfect Virtual Assistant
We have learned about the fact about how important Virtual Assistants are for the growth of our business however most of us are still clueless where and how to find the Perfect Virtual Assistant?

My friend was searching for a VA and it took him a week to find the adept Virtual Assistant. He was also confused with the duties to handover to the VA which took him more time to zero down. This blog will all be about it to save you from the tedious and time-consuming task of finding a VA. So let’s learn to find abodes of Virtual Assistants!

There are 2 most commonly used platforms to hire a Virtual Assistant:

  • Freelance Platforms- This is best for employers who are DIY kind of person and wants to experience the thrill of hunting for the perfect VA. The most used websites to search for freelance virtual assistants are:
    • Guru
    • Upwork
    • Freelancer
    • VA Networking
    • Hubstaff Talent
  • Virtual Assistant Agencies- They are the companies who have trained VAs on board who are professional in a wide spectrum of skills to serve the purpose you require them for.
    So comparing both, a virtual assistant agency is more professional outsourcing set-up. For employers who do not wish to directly interact with their VA or train them it is better to hire pre-trained VA from virtual assistant agency rather than freelance virtual assistant.

    The biggest challenge to work with freelance virtual assistant is you never know when they will leave you in the lunch. My friend once hired a VA from freelance website and trained her essential skills. As soon as she started to enjoy the joy of delegation, her VA left without any prior notice.

    However such situation would never arise if you hire from an agency and in case you are not satisfied with your VA you can request for a replacement as well.

    There are other benefits as well like:
    a) You get free consultation to help you find the adept virtual assistant according to your requirement.
    b) You can treat yourself with little free time by delegating tasks as soon as you are assigned with a trained VA.
    c) There is always a VA ready to fill the void in case of absenteeism for medical reasons.

So now that we know all the pros and cons of both the platforms for hiring virtual assistants let us establish the 3 things which will make the hiring process smoother:
a) Defining our Requirements
b) Interviewing Prospective VAs
c) Matching the Skills of Virtual Assistants with Job Descriptions

We hire Virtual Assistants to reduce our workload and the process to do so should not be tedious. So I would definitely recommend VA Talks who have top-notch trained professional Virtual Assistants for all spheres of operations to help you grow your business and not regret for hiring them.

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