How To Be Happy? Secrets To Living a Happy Life

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Lifestyle, Social Media

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. Omar Khayyam

As beautifully said by Omar Khayyam, happiness lies in this very moment. We get lost in counting days, months and years while the moments of happiness await us in the present. We feel trampled by the burden of achievements and expectations yet barely pay attention to the knocks happiness makes on our doors each day. We wonder and struggle to grasp the meaning of happiness in our lives yet we don’t observe the miracles of being present in the ‘now’. Let’s explore how may we be happy:

1) Be present in this moment:

Let go of the baggages of past and burdens of future. You ask how? Whatever happened in the past has already abandoned you, it’s you who is clinging tightly to it. Accept the grace of the past and leave the future in its own place. Pause in the present and count the moments of joy and bliss life is offering you. Thank yourself and the universe for carrying on for so long with such strength. You owe it to yourself.

2) Count your blessings and smile:

girl with a leaf

We have lots of things that we take for granted, including our ourselves and our lives. We watch people from afar and think there’s nothing special about our lives and us. We think everyone enjoys life more than us. But, deep down, each one of us has tons of struggles. What is different is their attitude towards life and its blessings. I invite you to count your blessings and smile. You surely have something to be grateful for.

3) Explore activities that make you feel light and happy:

There are activities, varying from person to person, capable of making us feel happy. Explore. Go out. Dig. Draw. Paint. Write. Read. Listen to music. Sing. Capture. Travel. There’s so much out there, and there’s definitely something that will bring you happiness. The only thing demanded of you is trying these things out for yourself. You may never know what wonders these things could bring you.

4) Spend some time with nature:

girl in nature

Sitting in nature, with a light breeze, essence of flowers, insects and mud, a bit of sunshine, don’t you feel calm when nature surrounds you? How about you step into your garden, a park, balcony, anywhere that you feel connected to nature and close your eyes for a while. Nature heals, nurtures and smiles along. Give it a chance. It will hold you, comfort you and cradle you to happiness.

5) Accept, let go, and embrace:

Everything isn’t in our control. Things ruin, plans fail, success seems like a task yet acceptance, letting go and embracing things as they happen will bring you a lot of comfort. You will feel less stressed and more peaceful. Accept gently. You’ll notice how life has its own plans and how things can go wrong still make sense later. Let go. Everything doesn’t demand your energy.

Having explored happiness, it increases in the moments of sharing. We at VA Talks are here to help you explore happily. Reach out, and we are here.

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