Goals Of Life: The Importance & Benefits of Goal Setting

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Social Media, Vlog

Every day is an opportunity to be something or someone in the world. Every day is a chance to begin again. But, how do we begin again? We begin by choosing to create our own goals. We begin by believing our goals are worth achieving and worth working for. We also begin by having faith in the beauty and strength of our goals. This brings me to say, “It’s the thought of a goal rather than achieving the goal that paves the way.” Let’s dig deeper to learn and understand the essence of goals in our lives:

1. Goals are your direction when there are multiple directions blocking your thoughts:


Well, consider you’re driving or, say, walking, and when you reach a crossroad, multiple paths open up and present their beauty to you, calling out to you, and if you have no desire to be somewhere, you may walk in any direction that seems pleasing enough. But, if you know where you’re meant to be, you’ll choose the direction that promises to take you there. Ain’t it? When you set a goal, you don’t get lost in the multiple options that this life is all about. Rather, you focus on that particular goal that you deem worthy for yourself.

2. Goals rejuvenate your purpose in life:

There is something very joyful about setting a goal. It’s a secret message to your mind, body, and soul that you’re capable of doing so much more than you did or are doing. It’s showing faith in yourself to start anew and afresh.

3. Setting goals is a new journey:

Thinking of new goals brings so many new perspectives in your life. You are kind of forced to think differently. It’s like you grow a new skin, become a better version of yourself. It’s like waking up from a slumber to begin with something your heart deems good for you.

4. Setting goals encourages you to learn new skills.

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Many a time, what happens is your goals seem unreachable because of the skills they demand. This is either motivation to learn new skills or give up. Learning new skills is always way more rewarding than the guilt of giving up without trying. When you try, you feel purposeful. When you fail without even trying, is that even a failure?

5. Setting goals adds variety to your life:

Goals take you places. You are required to be somewhere, at a certain time, in a certain way. Goals are like challenging yourself as well as believing in yourself. Goals bring so much life to your monotonous routines. They allow you to shift, experiment and think deeply. Since they are your goals, you feel the attachment even before they become true.

What I feel is beautiful about goals is the journey of achieving them. Even if we don’t succeed, we are not left empty-handed. We become richer, stronger, and more confident versions of ourselves. And that, I tell you, is a reward like no other.

We at VA Talks believe in goals; in you; in the goals that bring you hope and joy. Reach out and let’s achieve those amazing goals together.

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