Face The Challenge or Lose The opportunity

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Lifestyle, Social Media

Oftentimes, in life we get stuck between two choices. A choice of staying in the comfort zone, and a choice of leaving it for good. A choice of choosing something new and a choice of choosing the routine over and over again. We are faced with diverse risks where we can choose security or step up to confront them. And, chances are often disguised as risks. And, how far we go in life might as well depend on how selective we become while choosing our risks and challenges. And, oh, good chances don’t come our way everyday. So, let’s explore risks and chances a bit deeply:

1) Chances that matter should weigh more than risks:

What we should do in the face of chances and risks is draw a comparison between them. If the chances hold value for who we are and how our journey should be like, we may as well go ahead with it. That doesn’t mean we aren’t supposed to analyze the risk. What it means instead is that we should prioritize what needs to be done so that we won’t end up losing what is important to us and our growth.

2) Preparation over escaping:

Many a times, what happens is we’re scared to take up the chance because we aren’t prepared enough. But, let me tell you, one thing, starting to prepare is a feat in itself. If something matters enough, we ought to prepare rather than letting it go altogether. And, preparation always saves. It is a shield against newness, a tougher skin to try and learn.

3) Analyze before you panick:

Each task can be analyzed, at least to a certain extent. There is the possibility of understanding a task, a chance, and the risks involved. And, sometimes we fear the task even before analyzing what it is all about. Before jumping to a conclusion of no possibilities, we can try to analyze if at all there are some possibilities that are worth pursuing.

4) Find out the ‘why’ for taking the risk and not losing the chance:

When we are equipped with a ‘why’, we know there is definitely something in it for us. We understand the worth of the task and it’s not too easy for us to let it go without trying. We do our bit. We find some ways because of the ‘why’ that speak to us of hope and promise. That tells us our purpose is not a waste of time, and that our time is not in vain.

5) Choose your risks and chances realistically:

There is something good in pursuing something that demands us to move beyond our comfort zone. But, that doesn’t mean we should choose every chance and risk that comes our way. Rather, we should figure out for ourselves what matters and what doesn’t for us. What benefits and what doesn’t. What adds to us and what doesn’t? That way, we neither miss chances nor end up taking too many of them.

So, understand, analyze and choose your chances and risks bravely. And, if you seek guidance, we at VA Talks are always a text away. Reach out, take the chance.

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