What is Productivity? How to Improve it?

by | Feb 21, 2022 | Lifestyle, Social Media

Everyone gets the same amount of time on a particular day to do what he pleases to do. However, the line is drawn by an individual’s priority to do what he intends to do. That’s where productivity slips in.

Being productive doesn’t mean working all day or planning all day. It means planning in a way that work gets done on time, or at least work gets done effectively.

Now, if you may notice, do you always run late for work? Do you think 24 hours a day isn’t enough to achieve what you intend to do?

Let’s explore the possibilities of being productive, if you may join in:

1) Plan and set your priorities:

You may plan all day long while making huge timetables and that will never be enough. Why? Because if you fail to highlight your priorities, you’re bound to lag. Say, you have an assignment today and some work tomorrow. If you’re working for tomorrow yet failing to work today, you’re compromising somehow. The aim is to figure out what matters most immediately and what demands your attention immediately as well.

2) Write down the tasks for each day:

Writing is communicating with your mind, body, and soul. It’s reminding them of work yet to be done. It’s emphasizing that work needs to be done effectively. When you write, you demand attention from your inner self to something you could forget, take for granted, or lag behind in. Write, either every morning or right before you’re about to sleep. Whatever works, works. Right?

3) Challenge your goals, scan them:

Well, you may have noticed, many a times, you postpone a work because it seems boring or difficult. Challenge yourself, scan the resources you need to accomplish them. Ask yourself what is it that bothers you about your goals. Analyze your strengths, aim to work on your weaknesses. It’s achievable when it’s worked upon.

4) Break down your day with curiosity:

When you’re curious about your day and day-to-day goals, you can assign different bits of the day to different work. And, added with a pinch of curiosity, you’re sure to utilize different parts of the day for different jobs. And, that way, you don’t feel the weakness of falling behind. You’re moving ahead with your day, and isn’t that beautiful?

5) Take breaks, analyse, notice:


Never confuse productivity with utilizing all 24 hours of the days. It’s surely not that and definitely is so much more. Relax, rejuvenate, and notice what’s working for you. You may work all your life, but if you don’t approve of the magic of breaks, you may do it now. Buckle up yet rest!

Well, this was our exploration of productivity. However, we at VA Talks can assist you in a million ways ! What matters is if you’re willing to join in.

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