Can a Virtual Assistant do Everything?

by | May 17, 2019 | Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistant Service, Time and again, business owners are known to make the same strategic blunders repeatedly. The first and the gravest, is trying to don on many hats and trying to become ‘the businesses instead of running the business. Everybody knows the basic- A Jack of all trades is a master of none! However, time and again, a business owner tries to do the impossible and eventually…FAILS!

The solution to this is so easy that most business owners may think of this as a hoax. However, all great ideas and innovations come in modest packages. The answer to this is- hire a virtual assistant. Instead of hiring a single virtual assistant as a standalone, the ingenuity, here is to hire a virtual assistant from a virtual assistant company. A virtual assistant service offers skilled remote assistants who can help business owners with a variety of tasks

Okay, so most of you may be slightly lost here. Let me explain. The second, and again a serious blunder that most business owners, entrepreneurs usually do is they invest good solid money on a single virtual assistant. However, what most do not realize is that a single standalone VA is not equipped to do everything. How can they? A single person can never do everything, so why is a VA any different. So, instead of putting all your hard-earned money into a single basket, be smart and invest in a company.

While a single VA may not be equipped to do everything, a group of VAs can literally do everything. At VATalks, we hire a pool of virtual assistants who excels in different fields and are experts in their own genre. Most VAs here can do most of the things; however, each of them has their individual specialities, something that they are the best at. So, if you were to hire a dedicated assistant, who is your single point of contact, even if there is something which your VA is slightly shaky with, he/she would ensure that the best man did the job, because a customer’s satisfaction is our ultimate satisfaction.

We here, classify a virtual assistant into 2 types, the general Virtual Assistant and the Tech Virtual Assistant. 

The General Virtual Assistant can do all the normally things that you generally need a VA for. Your hotel reservations, ticket bookings, travel itinerary, online shopping, data management, data presentation, market survey and evaluation, competitor analysis and product development, social media management, blogging, creative writing and any of that general assistance that you usually need in your day to day home and work life.

The second type of VA is the tech-savvy virtual assistants who are equipped to handle all thing technology related. So, from developing and designing your website, designing and developing mobile applications, working with any high-end software, providing technical support to your clients and your business, designing brochures, newsletters, flyers, search engine optimization and search media optimization of your website, website maintenance and anything technical that possibly comes from your mind.

So, I would recommend that at first you decide what sort of jobs you would want your VA to do. Then go about hiring one with the perfect skill sets. However, it is always prudent to hire someone from a VA company instead of an individual. This would ensure that no one leaves you on the lurch, and that you always have a backup. Also, as mentioned, even if your VA is unable to get the job done, someone in their company can surely get it done. For example, your VA may not know how to design your website or work with WordPress; however, a virtual assistant company also has their own set of web-developers who can get the job done for you easily.

So, stop procrastinating, instead, take the plunge and see a whole new way in which your business may benefit from VA Talks’ team of virtual assistants. Use us to get your work done!  

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