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by | Nov 3, 2021 | Technology

There has been a profound shift in small businesses with the aid of technology. This shift is evident in the way small businesses are reaching out and showing up in every nook and corner of the world. The local shop isn’t local anymore, it’s been able to earn genuine customers from miles apart. Cash on Delivery isn’t the only medium to pay – online money exchange is easing out business bonds. When it comes to small businesses, technology has ensured their impact is big. Let’s explore how technology is influencing small businesses:

1) CRM – one-stop for million genuine business bonds:

Well, interactions in a small business are regarded with special care and attention. That is where the role of CRM steps in powerfully. CRM, being software, works in the favor of your business as it ensures none of your interactions with customers end up hastily. Techniques, tools, and strategies are keenly curated to lay a huge emphasis on customer generation and long-lasting customer association. And, the bonus is that CRM evaluates customer data from multiple sources, which saves your as well as your customer’s precious time. The next time you wonder how to ensure smooth connections with your would-be customers and the ones you have earned over some time, try giving CRM a shot.

2) Email is the new post:

girl writing email

With letters and offline means of communication shifting online, emails have had a huge impact on small businesses. In one email, you can reach out to millions of people and understand what works best for them and of course for you. Be it your small business highlights, ideas or offers—you can chunk down a variety in your emails. The way you design your emails will redefine your relationships with your customers. Who knows what your prospectus customers will like about your ideas or offers? The next time you crave to pour your effort online, maybe email is the go-to. If you can write, share, and execute in the right way, you are marketing subtly.

3) Online Payment – a savior.

Gone are the days when cash on delivery was the only mode of payment. With online space opening up for financial exchange, there is more room for trust-building. While COD was a preferred option for the longest time, the ease online payment brings is matchless. People can order from any corner, any store in the world, and what builds trust is – prepayment. It not only makes customers eager but also offers them the ease to look forward to the orders without worrying about payment at the last minute. More gifting options are available with payments being made beforehand. The ease is absolutely a necessity with Covid-19 giving room to uncertainties. And, ah, with payment made online, there are lesser chances of people denying or canceling the order at the last minute. Switch to online, and see if it works for you!

4) Social Media – weaving magic for small businesses:

girl using social media

Earlier people used to be in awe of multiple products and services they came across on different social handles. And, now, the distance between admiring a product and buying one is being bridged. If you like something from some random page, chances are you will be curious enough to buy it. The simple reason is that the distance seems shorter with the options of buying and providing feedback. There are spaces to complain and affect businesses; there is room for improvement and judgment. The magic is in connecting over ideas, services, and products. Wondering how? Try attempting to give space to your products on social media.

5) Website – your speaker:

Haven’t you heard of your website as your speaker? Well, now that you did, let me tell you, it works as your communicator even when you are not communicating. People reach out to websites even when they do not seek anything in particular. The effort, the honesty, the dedication your website displays are your first ever impression of someone who will be your future customer. How you want to communicate with your customers is exactly how your website should look like. What information, ideas, aim, care, support, you, as a small business want to offer is what your website should speak out loud. Design your website and align it with your small business, and see how your words reach out even when you’re not there to speak to them.

So, by now, you’ve understood what all technology can help you with. It works for you if you understand it better. It serves you if you seek it to do well. It aids you while you yearn for growth. The key lies in the utilization. We, at VA Talks, understand the magic of technology and aim to serve this magic to you. Reach out to us for this magic and we will weave it for you. Powerfully.

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