Urban Commuting By Bicycle

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Movement is the most essential aspect of being human. We are known for the way we shift between places from our homes. Had it not been for movement, we would have struggled with the baggage of confinement; don’t you think so?

Well, daily, weekly or even monthly, you may tend to visit places and run various chores. As you head out of the home, choosing the mode of travel, you’re contributing to your environment in one way or another.

I’d like to assume that you’re aware of the presence of pollution caused by different vehicles. The more we switch to vehicles, the more we’re affecting the quality of the air we breathe in and out.

Having said that, have you ever given urban commuting by bicycle a considerable thought?

Let’s begin by highlighting how urban commuting by bicycle benefits not only temporarily, but has last effects on your body, mind, and environment:

1) Urban commuting by bicycle involves active participation of your mind and body:

Ever wondered why people on bicycles appear serene? This is because commuting by bicycle involves your mind as well as your body. You feel aligned with the environment as the fresh air caresses your face gently. The touch of air on your face, in turn, calms your mind. Bicycles help you gain better posture and balance besides making your muscles flexible.

So, the next time, you seek a stress buster, rather than going for a long drive, try connecting with nature through bicycle commuting.

2) Urban commuting by bicycles doesn’t harm the environment:

woman riding bicycle

Well, most of the means of transportation contribute to air pollution, except for bicycles, of course. Bicycles contribute to a clean environment and require no fuel. And, they take up very little space as compared to other means of transport.

While commuting on a bicycle daily, you can save a lot of fuel, reduce air pollution, and maintain enough space.

It’s also claimed that those who commute by bicycle are less prone to pollution.

So, the next time, you feel like doing your bit to save the environment, consider commuting by bicycle.

3) Urban commuting by bicycle will save time and money:

Now you’d be tempted to ask why?

Well, you don’t invest a lot of money to ensure your bicycle works fine. Compared to other vehicles, bicycles are cost-effective. There are no hefty investments to be made. And, while you’re rushing from home to buy those groceries, wouldn’t it be better to consider commuting by bicycle?

So, save some bucks and do yourself a favor by choosing to commute by bicycle.

4) Urban commuting by bicycle reduces your chances of accidents:

woman having car issue

How many times have you heard of accidents involving bicycles? Is it very unlikely that bicycles end up being the reason for fatal accidents?

Bicycles are a friendly means of commuting. They inspire discipline and order quite subtly yet powerfully. And, since they require immediate attention, there is no rush involved.

While on a bicycle, you tend to take time to absorb your surroundings besides being alert. How wonderful is that!

5) Urban commuting by bicycle helps you stay fit and active:

Well, well. You saw this point coming, didn’t you? Investing truckloads of money in weight loss and fitness, how about shifting your focus to the benefits of using a bicycle? Besides boosting your energy, reducing laziness, and making you aware, a bicycle commute helps you lose pounds, you have tried enough to get rid of. Staying in shape with bicycles is a choice you will eventually fall in love with. It’s because all parts of your body tend to participate actively. And, the impact of this active participation is profound.

Clearly, urban commuting is a choice worth indulging in. It’s a rich experience of movement. Besides serving your body, it serves your environment. It’s cost effective, working as a shield for you too. A win-win for you if you want to nurture yourself and your surroundings, equally. Get that bicycle out of the store and savor the breeze as it guides you to be curious about your surroundings. Happy urban commuting by bicycle.

While you ponder over the benefits of urban commuting by bicycle, we at VA Talks invite you to let us benefit you. We have customized services aiming to serve the very best of everything you require.

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