Take The Risk or Lose The chance

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Lifestyle, Social Media, Vlog

Comfort Zone is a beautiful place to be. Yet, there’s a magical emergence of a new world after you step out of your comfort zone. A sense of growth, a sense of self-nourishment and deep learning. Many a times, we cling to our comfort zone and miss many chances that we’re blessed with. These chances are gifts, if you look with clarity, and denying these chances is denying the gifts you could treasure for a lifetime. That’s why it’s emphasized that we should take the risk or lose the chance. Let’s explore further how we may approach the chances:

1) Explore the chance in as many ways as you can:

When a certain chance pops up in your life, explore it’s relevance to you as a person, and to your present and future orientations. If nothing, it could be a learning experience for you. You could acquire a new skill, a new experience that could come in handy to you in the future. An advance preparation doesn’t hurt. It expands the zone of your possibilities as well as opportunities.

2) Navigate the path to this chance:

Analyze what it takes to reach the path to a particular chance. And, if it comes your way on its way, take steps to reach it. Attempt to find a way. Don’t give up with analysis. Map out the path to make it less distant and more approachable. For instance, you’re offered a job; what you may do is find out about the company, its people, the role and responsibilities besides looking and appearing your best. Don’t give up in your mind already.

3) Always keep space for more:

We think what we have done so far or are doing is enough. But, life has its own way of being. It can challenge as well as surprise you. But, if you’ve closed all the doors to something new, you’ll learn nothing new and feel stagnant. Do you seek stagnancy for yourself or do you aspire to movement?

4) Try to be optimistic:

When we’re offered something new, we either find faults or think it’s some scam. But, what if this turned out to be the most amazing thing you ever did? What about shifting towards a gentle, positive approach towards life? What about seeking the best in a chance for you? Approach the chances positively. Not every chance comes to rob you of your mental peace.

5) Every chance has a consequence:

We think chances are meaningless. But, each chance has some meaning, some lesson to it. It either blesses us with new possibilities or teaches us something we need to learn. Trying to comprehend the significance of the chances that come our way would be a good thing to do, if I’m asked.

Honor each chance that you’re presented. Understand, analyze, and make space. If at all, you find a chance confusing, we at VA Talks are here to listen to you and guide you accordingly. Reach out if you may.

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