Success is a journey, not a destination

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Lifestyle, Social Media

Life, nowadays, has become synonymous with competition and races. There is a price tag of ‘won’ and ‘lost’, ‘success’ and ‘failure’ and what not. The most learning moments of life go unnoticed and unattended to because of the yearning to achieve the best of these price tags. The in-betweens of winning and losing lose their worth when only winning or losing defines your life. But, as you walk on the diverse roads of life, isn’t it beautiful to slow down and gather all the special lessons each win and each loss has taught? This, I tell you, will encourage you to reflect on success as a journey, not a destination.

Reaching somewhere isn’t the only goal; growing in the process; expanding your horizons of possibilities and opportunities adds quite a lot to the worth of your being. Let’s explore success as a destination, not a journey.

1) Growth mindset is a success gem:

When you’re only outcome-oriented, you miss out on a great deal of what surrounds you and blesses you. You’re crush-bent on reaching the end point while the gems of life go unnoticed by you. The lessons, the bliss, the joy of learning is lost while you hurry to be somewhere. However, if besides thinking of that end point, you enjoy the growth the journey seeks to bless you with, the sweetness of life may stay a lot longer.

2) Slow down and appreciate:

You may succeed in every aspect of your life, yet if you don’t have time to slow down and count your blessings, you’re missing out on the essence of life. A grateful heart attracts more joy; an unthankful one finds fault in the most beautiful of joys. So, success also holds the essence of deep gratitude.

3) Accept failure, work for success:

work for success

Many a times, we become bitter because of our failures. We end up cursing ourselves and our faith. But, what we fail to notice is the learning our failures yearn to shower us with. In our failures are some messages to do better, to show up in a much better way. Rather than going crazy over the failures you encounter, you may try listening to the messages of your failures.

4) Try, try better:

Trying is all we have got as human beings. But, there are a million ways to accomplish one goal. Staying rigid on just one way is fooling yourself into believing that something new will come up. Go creative with trying. Try creatively, passionately and boundlessly.

5) Be proud of your journey, destinations never stay the same:

As you traverse the various paths of life, own your failures as much as you own your successes. Be proud of trying, of doing, of putting effort, of walking towards diverse destinations. It all matters and counts.

Now that you have perceived success in the light of VA Talks, you may like to reach out and shed some more light on success as a journey.

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