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“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things but learning another way to think about things.” – Flora Lewis

Languages connect us to ourselves and the world around us. They pave a way for you to express your innate self. The words you choose in a language speak volumes about you as a person. Bonds are forged and broken through languages. How we use a language and how well we use a language reflect how we thrive in the world. There are as many as 6,500 languages in the world. How interesting! As many as 6,500 ways of speaking about things and expressing yourself. As many as 6,500 ways of perceiving the worlds within and around you. And, now you are wondering how many aces the game of learning languages, aren’t you? Here are some ways to befriend a language:

1) The First Step Is To Start And Try:

Sounds easy? But, the fear of trying a language curbs the passion for trying. Our language seems too comfortable for us to express and speak in. Blunders haunt the very idea of trying. The what-ifs of not excelling in a language may seem burdensome, but to learn a language we must not empower them. Rather, empower yourself enough to take the first step of trying. For example, if you want to learn English, you should start with the one word you know and speak. And build it word by word. And, acknowledge that you are bound to make mistakes. It is part of the process.

2) Find Ways To Enjoy Learning The Language:

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Many people start with a frown and a drained attitude. They miss out on the fun learning a language is all about. Rather than making the process interesting for them, they start labeling and comparing their journey. So, before you start learning a language, think of all the ways you can enjoy it. It could be turning on music or a certain atmosphere you enjoy. It could even be a certain time of the day when you are most active and energized. Experiment creatively.

3) Read. Read. Read.

You may be wondering, how would you read without knowing a language? Well, there are books and there are audiobooks. How about combining the two and using them for your benefit? And, oh, now, you may be wondering if it would be expensive? Not all at all. YouTube has plenty of audiobooks. So does Spotify. And, you have a Z library. It has tons of free books. I could go on and on about free resources. The point is to listen while reading, to learn at your own pace. Reading and listening are the key tools to befriend a language. And, you should make the most of them.

4) Make Notes While Reading:

women making notes

Notes are the most beautiful form of memorizing learning. The more you prepare your mind to write what you learn, the more conscious you become. Making your notes will bring you the satisfaction and clarity you need while learning a new language. You can learn and re-learn at your own pace. It would be a delight to use colors while making notes. The point is to enjoy it and not bore yourself around rules and guidelines. By all means, make learning work for you.

5) Track Your Progress, Celebrate Your Wins, Work On The Weaknesses:

Many times, we forget to track our progress. We become so absorbed in the process of learning that our wins and defeats do not help us evolve further. To acknowledge progress, wins, and defeats is one of the best ways to excel at something. Take some time to access what your progress is, where you are lagging and what is helping you. Do not rush into the process of learning; rather, notice what you are gaining in the process of learning.

Learning a language is investing your time in a new world. It opens up possibilities and releases your creativity. While it could be tedious, it’s a very interesting gift you could choose for yourself. Just trust the process and make it enjoyable. Use all the resources available and find ways to spend wisely on them. There are always options to choose from. Happy learning!

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