Importance of Discipline in Life

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“The fact is, discipline is only punishment when imposed on you by someone else. When you discipline yourself, it’s not punishment but empowerment.

– Les Brown.

Isn’t choosing to live certain way empowerment? Isn’t leading a life with some discipline a beautiful way? You may ask why. What if days and nights were scattered, and what if it was difficult to differentiate between hours of the day, days of the week, and months of the year? What if seasons blended without following a certain pattern? I can imagine the chaos. Do you too? If yes, let’s journey together to observe the beauties and blessings of discipline.

1) Discipline is empowering:

It’s empowering to choose, rather than being forced to choose something out of unpleasant circumstances. What I mean to say is that, if you become disciplined enough to do a certain activity at its required time, you won’t have to feel forced to do it at the last minute. Discipline allows you to do things at ease, at least saving that rush and urgency of the last minute. And, last-minute work is a mess, don’t you agree?

2) Discipline honors your priorities:


When you choose discipline, you can analyze and respect your priorities. You can give time to what needs time rather than feeding your distractions.  When you train yourself to think about what’s more important, eventually things that aren’t worth your time and space fall back. You guide yourself to do things that require your immediate attention, thus saving tons of regret later on, and this is a blessing of being disciplined.

3) Discipline weaves room for possibilities:

Waking up on time, and doing your chores on time is also one form of discipline. And, when you’re done with your chores on time, peacefully, you can trace and map out tons of possibilities for yourself. The opportunities knocking at your door don’t have to go empty-handed because you’ll be prepared and disciplined enough to hold them. You won’t be running late to work with little to no time for other aspects of life.

4) Discipline paves way for rejuvenation:

When you fill parts of your life with discipline, you make space for yourself, too. You give everything time, yet you give yourself time too. You might even have noticed how doing things at their required time is a supreme form of satisfaction that also saves you time and energy to invest in yourself. If you haven’t, try it out this weekend. You’ll sense joy like never before, who knows.

5) Discipline brings forth calm and ease:

When we give in to distractions, laziness, and unwanted thoughts, we are depriving ourselves of the peace of mind we so deserve. When we run late on deadlines, chances are we might feel stressed and feel anger deeply. On the contrary, when we choose the discipline of time, of doing things properly, we save for ourselves calm and ease. It slips in naturally. Because, your mind, body, and soul know the feeling.

Having said that, we at VA Talks are here to explore this discipline with you. Reach out, for we are in this together.


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