Hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant Can Increase Your Productivity

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Virtual Assistance

Being a working professional and trying to juggle both career and home may seem like a formidable job to most of you. Couldn’t it be so much easier if there was an extra set of hands that did the tedious and monotonous data entry for you or someone who had the time to book your children’s monthly check-up appointment, without you having to remember it all the time? Hiring virtual personal assistant can increase your business.

Well, the solution is fairly simple. Find yourself a virtual personal assistant!

A virtual personal assistant is someone who is competent enough to juggle both your business needs and personal household related needs. Professional tasks like data entry, creating professional presentations, answering your business phone calls and emails, managing your social media marketing, conducting online research as well personal tasks such as booking your doctor’s appointment, purchasing online products, paying your telephone and electricity bills and much more can be done with ease by your personal virtual assistant.

Getting yourself a virtual personal assistant can seem like a daunting feat at first, especially when you have to place your trust upon a virtual stranger to manage those jobs that you want done perfectly.

Here are few quick tips to follow to establish a great working relationship with your personal virtual assistant.

Get to know your virtual personal assistant

If you are going to trust someone with all that confidential information about your business and home, it would be great to first melt the ice. Start by getting to know your personal Virtual Assistant a bit, the skillset they come with, what prior work they have done. However, remember a virtual assistant is always equipped with great learning skills, so even if your Virtual Assistant may not be well aware about a particular aspect of your work, they can easily learn.

Decide your VA’s role

Instead of shooting out tasks that need to be performed, make your virtual personal assistant aware of how you would like her/him to handle your tasks. Clue your VA in about your business, its requirements, how it all began.  Teach your virtual assistant the ropes and then let your virtual assistant manage from thereon.

Delegate, delegate, delegate

Most people might feel that interacting with someone who resides in another country can get cumbersome and messy. However, that is rarely the case in the age of the Internet. With the help of the Worldwide Web, your virtual personal assistant may seem to be working just beside you! What you need to learn is the art of delegating. Delegate all those tedious, mundane, energy draining and repetitive jobs that you hate to do yourself to your personal virtual assistant. That’s why you hired them in the first place!

Trust your virtual personal assistant to do the job

Once, both of you are familiar with each other’s working style, begin to trust your virtual assistant to do the job correctly just the way you want it. There is no point in rechecking all the tasks from scratch as that would just kill the purpose of hiring a virtual assistant. Instead, utilize the time and increase your productivity to enhance and propel your business.

So, don’t scratch your head in dilemma, just begin your search for your own virtual personal assistant Remember, you can choose to work with them long term or short term as per your requirements. Just give it a try!

Hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant

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