“Being different” makes all the difference!

by | May 28, 2019 | Virtual Assistance

Future growth, Quite often a company is questioned as to what makes them ‘different’ or rather what differentiates them from the ‘herd’.  Today, in this quick evolving and swiftly varying times, it takes a mammoth effort for a company to be the best and deliver something that nobody has done so far.

Virtual assistance, which is relatively a very new industry and an industry with a promising future growth, seems to have a lot of players vying for a single thing- your attention. Amongst them all, what differentiates VA Talks from the others, is our single and dedicated effort to serve you and help you in any possible way that we can.

VA Talks, which is a start-up in the virtual assistance space, consists of a group of dynamic, enthusiastic, versatile virtual assistants, commonly called VAs. Virtual assistants from VA Talks can competently and adeptly perform administrative and business oriented tasks.  If you are a small business, medium sized enterprise or an individual, at VA Talks there are many varying and innovative payment plans to fit your requirements as well as your budget. From schemes like Pay- As- You- Go, where you pay on hourly basis, to Full-Time Assistant plan, wherein you hire a full-time dedicated assistant who works solely for you, VA Talks has a wide range of schemes to accommodate everyone and their pockets. Not only that, at VA Talks we follow a closely monitored and regimented system to ensure that your task is completed within the deadline as well as done with complete precision. Once you send in your task, you can constantly monitor your task’s progress by communicating with the supervisor available during those working hours or the associate themselves. What’s even better is our method of communication, you can communicate with us at any time using any of the modes you feel best. Whether it’s Skype calling or emailing, we are always available 24×7 to provide assistance.

Our associates are experts with administrative related tasks, such as making restaurant reservations, ticket booking, travel itinerary planning, making online purchases, email and calendar management, sending emails on your behalf. Our virtual assistants are also skilled with business related tasks such as financial management, accounting, data management, data mining, market survey and evaluation, creating impactful presentations and documentations, transcriptions, social media management, blogging, podcast creation. Not only that, VA Talks can also help you with your web-related tasks. Tasks like, web development, web designing, brochure creation, newsletter and flyer design, search engine optimization, SMO, app development can also be done easily by us. Think of anything and we at VA Talks can assure you that we can do it with perfection!

We, at VA Talks, also offer a 2-day free trial that allows you to evaluate our services and then hire us. So, don’t wait any longer! Quickly signup for any of our plans and allow us to make your life easier. Come join our VA Talks family today!

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