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How Intelligent are Virtual Assistants?

Sometimes the job of a virtual assistant is described as mundane, soul-destroying, dull, monotonous or whatever adjective best comes to one’s mind when describing anything that is listless or boring.


Hire a Virtual Assistant Today and Relax at Work!

With the growth in technology, there has been a sudden spurt in the emergence of online businesses. Words like e-commerce, m-commerce have gained sudden popularity and these days it has


Learn The Art of Delegation

If you have read David Allen’s book called “Getting Things Done” you might be facing some time-management issues.  Not only this but “The 4 Hour Workweek” is also a must


“Being different” makes all the difference!!

Quite often a company is questioned as to what makes them ‘different’ or rather what differentiates them from the ‘herd’.  Today, in this quick evolving and swiftly varying times, it


Jack of all trades and Master of them as well!

The hectic pace of our lives and the necessity to be at the top of one’s game has created havoc with our work-life balance.  Every day, the pressure to perform