Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Social Media

Social media has become our new world. The more are restraints on our physical life, the more limitless our social life seems to us. With more virtual possibilities opening up, it has confined how we appear in the physical world. Especially, in the last year or so, it has emerged as our go-to place for an alternate world, escape, and even survival. There is no single picture or single reality of social media. It has been and will always shift as we involve it more or less in our lives. It isn’t a single shade of black, but multiple shades of advantages and disadvantages blending in and out. Merging somehow. While you grapple with the idea of social media, let me share some advantages and disadvantages it has presented over some time:

1) It Has Connected the World and Its Issues

Social media has been accessible over some time. Different applications have appeared under the tagline ‘social media.’ And, the sense of alienation has lessened in ways that individual issues find voices globally. You come to acknowledge you’re not only one, but there are also more who resonate with you and this sense uplifts you’re meaning of life. You can reach out to people far and beyond and the borders shrink while possibilities keep opening up. You can even seek clients in the US and that’s just one example. Don’t we come across news about how people are doing wonders around the world? And, that’s just the beauty of connecting digitally via social media.

2) Social Media Has Weaved Space For Art And Ideas

People have so much potential and it’s revealed only when they notice their place in the world. Sharing art and ideas, capabilities and impact have been made easy via social media. There is this openness to share what you’re capable of and get noticed for the same. And, it’s often brought to notice that it helps people grow, and their art to evolve more freely. Social media encourages art and opinions and even opens up space for independence through the same. You acknowledge how you and your art can reach miles. Online business comes to my mind as I conclude this point.

3) Creates A False Sense Of Competition

While social media has been a learning platform, many deem it as reality and start comparing their realities with those of others. This false sense of comparison gives rise to stress, anxiety, and overworking. Many people yearn to match the social standard and lose the bliss they felt earlier. It isn’t real yet its impact is real.  Haven’t you come across people yearning to reach a social standard that has nothing to do with their life and work?

4) Social Media Shifts Focus from Reality

While social media has proven to connect people, it has resulted in a shift from physical to virtual. Many people get addicted to its idea and freedom and ignore their life and physical presence altogether. This also isn’t healthy for no matter how impactful social media is, it is not more important than your life. Spending hours to gain from it would not only affect your brain and heart but would lead you to expect more from it.

It has connected beyond borders. It has given voice to issues and addressed taboos. However, how you use it defines what it does for you. You can use it wisely and enjoy the benefits it has to offer. You can expand the business and reach out and show up powerfully. However, not staying true to its purpose and expecting it to replace your physical world will disturb your life. Balance the use of social media and you shift your digital life to a healthy, evolving state.

We at VA Talks know the impact of social life and aim to make it healthy and nurturing for you. For services related to healthy, balanced social life, reach out to us. And, you never know, what a simple balance in social life can have on your personality and work life.

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