Administrative tasks: Not a chore anymore!

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Most individuals find administrative tasks mundane, tiresome and uncreative. So much, so that most of them would go to any measures to shirk them and let those tasks keep piling on, till one day when they seem unsurmountable. Also, most business owners feel, that focusing on administrative day-to-day tasks, takes the concentration away from the business aspect. That’s why the most feasible and cost effective solution is to hire someone who can do this easily for you.

A virtual administrative assistant is someone who is a pro when it comes to doing all those tasks that you possibly detest. Tedious tasks such as data entry, documentation, calendar management, follow-up calls, etc. can all be dealt with ease by a virtual administrative assistant, allowing you to have plenty of time in your hands to concentrate on other core domains.

Tasks that you MUST delegate to your virtual administrative assistant

1. Data Entry: This is one of those tasks which clearly wins hands-down as being the most mundane, repetitive, boring and tedious task amongst all admin-related tasks. Poring over heaps and heaps of data for hours or entering data from one cell into another can drive the bravest up the wall. However, a virtual administrative assistant is someone who can do these tedious tasks quickly, effectively and most importantly, with a happy face. So, delegate all those boring data entry tasks to your virtual administrative assistant and watch your life get a lot easier!

2. Email management: If you are running your own business, chances are that you probably receive tons of email every day. Going through your email, deciding which ones are worth reading and which aren’t, segregating them, and finally answer them is quite a laborious task, especially if you are someone who’s hard-pressed for time. A virtual administrative assistant can make this job a lot easier.

Ask your VA to go through your inbox each day and segregate the ones which seem important and delete those which seem insignificant to you. If you think your Virtual administrative assistant is capable of it, you could train also your VA to answer your emails on behalf of you.

3. Follow-up Phone calls: If you are someone who has just started your own business, a lot of back and forth communication is necessary. Detailing your product to prospective clients, answering their enquiries, replying to your customer’s feedback are all a part and parcel of your business.

But sometimes, you get so got up in these things that you forget your main goal-managing and pushing your business forward.  So, instead of losing focus from the key area of your business it is essential that you delegate tasks to your virtual administrative assistant, without losing sleep over it.

Just like all small businesses think they can, ultimately realizing they cannot, don’t get got up in the game of trying to micro-manage everything by yourself.  Hire a Virtual Administrative assistant and delegate as much as you can.


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