5 Strategies to Survive (and thrive) After Losing a Client!

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Virtual Assistance

What defines how ahead you are of yourself is how gracefully you cope up with a loss of a client. The more you accept that losing a client paves way for more opportunities, the more you can grow through the failures of losing a client. Here are some strategies to help you thrive after losing a client:

1) Learn Through Feedback, It May Help You Revamp:

There are lots of underlying reasons as to why you lost a client. Rather than staying intact with the loss, find why you lost them in the first place. Ask questions. Take feedback. Mark areas of improvement. Turn this loss into your gain by accepting the feedback they provide. Even if they don’t provide enough feedback, you can always count on yourself. Be your critical analyzer. Examine the areas you could improve. Change what needs to be changed. Discard what doesn’t serve you. Keep working and you will find more opportunities flowing in. Powerfully.

2) Direct Your Efforts To Valuable Customers, Genuine Connections are all yours:

You’ll always have enough people who will admire your work. Even if you lost major clients, take this as a success in disguise. It will give you more time to focus on your customers who value your work and respect it. You’ll be able to build strong connections with them. Your efforts will reflect in your work devoid of distractions. With sharp focus and less to pay attention to, more well-deserved work and connections will be yours to nurture.

3) Evaluate, It’s Never Too Late:

Busy work schedules give less time to focus on self. While you can learn and improve so much more, the schedules keep interrupting your learning space. When you lose a client, make the most of it by filling in on the self-assessment time. Make more space for learning. Improve, evolve and prepare. This is the time for you to enhance your skills and personality. With the right self-evaluation, you can prepare yourself for a variety of future clients. Who knows when you get one? So, enjoy the time learning while you can.

4) Choose your choices, why settle for less?

Learn from your loss what didn’t align with you. Layout a plan and rules before working with a client. Choose your choices – see what works for you and what doesn’t. Rather than settling for the client’s choices only, make sure yours are seen and heard as well. This will save your time and effort. Your choices will also establish clarity between you and your client. You both will figure out if your ideas and work ethics align. Try choosing, rather than settling.

5) Make A List Of Prospective Clients – that’s how you start after a loss

Your life doesn’t begin or end at one client. There are always opportunities brewing in and people you haven’t met. Start afresh. Get your list-making process started. Find people. Search for your interests. There are always people to meet and work with.

With these strategies, one client won’t define you or your work. Keep working on yourself, and your choices. Happy working!

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