4 Basic Things That You Should Know to Become a Virtual Assistant

by | Jan 16, 2022 | Virtual Assistance

The rise of technology has changed a lot of what we used to do on our daily tasks, especially in the change of the workforce. These days you can work at the convenience of your home, in that thought, a lot of jobs are looking for what we call contingent workers or simply freelancers, temps, part-time workers, contractors, consultants, or other outsourced and non-permanent workers.

One of what we called contingency workers is VA or what we call Virtual Assistant defined as generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office (Wikipedia). VA’s has grown in over the years and it’s a game-changer on businesses on how to operate and plan their manpower, often companies hire VA’s when they have limited resources on hiring an in-house employee or an individual who’s in need for VA’s support due to their busy schedule, with the pandemic going on this year a lot of people are looking for a home-based job.

To be a VA, employer or client is looking for individuals who are likely skilled and fit to what they are looking for the Job/Task to be done. So what are the basic things we should know before we decide to become a Virtual Assistant?

1. Skills

It is important as a VA that we have analyzed our own skills. Skills are the primary concern on becoming a VA, so you will know who are the prospective clients you are likely working with. Clients are specific of the skills when they hire a VA, skills are also one of the bases for your payment. Highly technical Skill or time-intensive services pays more. The more skilled you are the better you help your clients.

2. Training

Another thing we need as a VA is training. Training updates you to the current trends and helps you to improve your innate and acquired skills. A skilled VA never stops learning.

3. Work Equipment

VA’s need to have a computer either a desktop or laptop, some VA’s look for the core of the computer especially when the niche they focus on requires a bigger memory of the computer such as video editing. Another thing is the internet, it’s a way to connect with your clients since most clients require 10 Mbps or more, fast internet connection the better. You also need a noise-canceling headset that minimizes the noise of your surroundings such as the sound of the dog barking, clients prefer a quiet environment upon you working.

4. Niche

VA’s has a lot of niches to choose too, as a starter l was told to enroll in a freelancing course to really know the skills which l can enhance or discover, this is like an introductory to know the skills you are capable off and also to get to know the things required or a must as a VA such as payment method, creating a good resume and proposal to get hired, portfolios that prove you know what u do and a lot more.

Above are the things I take for consideration when I decided to become a virtual assistant, I’ll be lying if I tell you that this is easy but if you have the heart to learn to pursue the world of virtual assistant nothing is impossible. So are you up for the challenge?

If you are wondering on where I enrolled my a freelancing course, it’s on Filipino Virtual Assistant, a friend of mine who is now a virtual assistant as well and presently have three clients is the one who refers the FVA site. You can enroll in a class that you think in line with your skills. Guaranteed you’re going to learn a lot of things.

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